In May, 2008, the Danish Baseball Federation (DBaF) was formed officially. As of 2009, Danish Baseball Federation became an official member national federation in both the Confederation of European Baseball and International Baseball Federation and recognized as the sole governing body for baseball activities in Denmark. Until May 2008, the Danish Baseball Softball Federation was the main governing body for organized ball in Denmark. However, the International Softball Federation pressured mixed federations in 2006 to split softball from baseball in member country federations related to potential competition between the two sports for Olympic status after 2012, since only one sport could be chosen. Booth baseball and softball lost the Olympic bid in 2012. But in 2016, baseball and softball reunified as World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) as one Olympic sport. This has occurred in Europe as well in 2018 as WBSC Europe. As of May 2018, the Danish Baseball Federation consists of 5 clubs, some of which are solely baseball clubs and others that are combined baseball and softball clubs. Since 2011, DBaF has been granted a charter as official members of Little League International, a highly esteemed organization of children’s baseball. There are now 6 baseball teams in the Danish Championship league as well as a Junior Championship. In 2018, there are plans to form a Danish national baseball team.

Mission statement of the Danish Baseball Federation:

  • To establish and maintain an organizational structure that promotes baseball and baseball activities in Denmark.
  • To develop and support baseball activities (both junior & senior) and facilities with the overall goal of providing suitable baseball facilities in all major regions of Denmark (Zealand, Jutland and Funen)
  • To collect a national pool of players for international competitions, also on Danish soil and with the ultimate intention of representing Denmark in Olympic Games or similar format.
  • To promote a baseball culture in Denmark in which the positive social values and anti-violent aspects of the sport are heralded.

Danish fastpitch softball players are very competitive in European tournaments and often have a side interest in Major League Baseball (MLB) baseball in their free time. Baseball has a visible image in the Danish population as Hollywood baseball films are often shown on Danish television.  Back in the late 1980s and early 1990s one could see MLB baseball games on Danish television and at that time, there was actually a Danish championship baseball league. MLB TV coverage declined in Europe in the mid-90s and so did baseball play in Denmark, where in 2005, the last baseball team (Copenhagen Fighters) that had been playing in the Swedish league finally stopped. Some of years from late-90s to the present, cable television stations have provided limited MLB coverage sporadically in Denmark.


We in the DBaF are interested in ideas from Danish citizens as well other national baseball federations regarding good development projects.  Please see Contacts section to navigate questions/suggestions to the proper contact person.


Friendly baseball greetings from Rod Moore, president of Danish Baseball Federation