Amerikansk Rundbold & Junior Baseball in Denmark

Amerikansk Rundbold (Danish for American Rounders) is an exciting and fun ballgame for novice players, both boys and girls.

The game teaches you the tricks of hitting a ball with a bat and running the bases to score points or catching the ball in the air to score points. It is similar in many ways to ordinary Danish “Rundbold” that is played as a social event by Danes in backyard parties, except that the running of bases is more intense (more exercise)and the players out in the field have gloves to wear. The game was developed originally in the Netherlands and is called “BeeBall” there.

Amerikansk Rundbold is for children aged 6-11 years old and can be played in groups of at least 4 or 6 participants or as many as 10 players for each game.

Amerikansk Rundbold is played at schools, SFOs and in the Danish baseball and softball clubs.

In Amerikansk Rundbold FUN is the key word as there is definitely constant movement. It is more energizing than regular Rundbold.

Junior baseball  is played in the age group of 15 years old or under (12-15 years old). Depending on your experience, skills and talent you will be assigned in a team throughout the summer season games played against other teams from the regional or national competitions. Contact your local baseball club as reported on the front page.