Major League Baseball has informed the Danish Baseball Federation that 15-year-old Siff Haagen Salsø and 16-year-old Peter Brødsgaard Moore were invited to try-outs for 2013 MLB European Academy.Siff_Haagen_Salsø

It turns out to be the first time a European woman has been invited to MLB Academy Try-outs.

To select the 50 best 15-19-year-old players for this year’s Academy, MLB hosts five try-out meetings around Europe. The Danes successfully took part May 1. from 3-7 PM at Pim Mullier Stadium in Haarlem, Netherlands and can now be for the Academy by June 1.

The Academy will take place in Tirrenia, Italy from July 31-August 16. The Academy of MLB’s European programmes has been very successful in helping to develop the region’s best players. Since it started in 2005, has 297 players from 30 Nations competed in the Academy, with 55 of the players who sign professional contracts with Major League Baseball clubs in the United States. And, more recently, Alex Liddi (Italy) (Seattle Mariners, MLB Academy 2005) and Donald Lutz (Germany) (Cincinnati Reds, MLB Academy 2007) were the first players from the program to reach the major leagues.