League Teams

As of the 2018 season the league has 6 Baseball teams located in Herning, Aarhus, Odense and Copenhagen. All teams compete in the Danish Championship league to win the Championship Travel Trophy. The teams are as follows:

Herning Trolls
One of the younger teams in the league is “The Trolls”. Herning Trolls are known for having great visions and playing aggressively. They might not have the most experience, but all the players are dedicated and play with great passion. The Trolls recently moved from playing home games outside Herning Gymnasium to having their own field by Gullestruphallen.

“Århus” Baseball Team
Located in Aarhus, the team – simply named “Århus” – is the founding team in the new league. Århus was in the beginning of the league the most winning team. Århus is known for playing strategically what is known as the “running game” and is coached by the President of both Århus Baseball Softball Klub and DBaF, Rod Moore. Århus is part of Århus Baseball Softball Klub, which is one of the oldest baseball softball clubs in Denmark

Aarhus Athletics
Aarhus Athletics or “Athleticos” originally started as a “break away club” of Latin American baseball players and members of Århus Baseball Softball Klub. The Athletics is known for “big-hitting” and slugging. After a couple years as an independent club, they chose to merge with Århus Baseball Softball Klub and thereby became an independent team within Århus Baseball Softball Klub. Athletics has yet to win the Danish Championship league, but has been the runner-up for both years they have competed in the Championship league.

Odense Wolves
Odense Wolves is lead by Omar Gamarra – former professional Baseball Player. The only international standard baseball field is the home of the Wolves. Odense Wolves is known for their gentlemanly manner, but they play with great dedication. Even though the Finals has been played on their field ever since the field was build, the Wolves have not yet had the honor of reaching the Finals.

Urban Achievers
UA, as they are also called, is the original Copenhagen Baseball Team from Copenhagen Baseball Softball Club (CBSC) and touts Danish baseball’s oldest active member, the grand old man of Danish Baseball, Rasmus Nørgård. UA is a strong team with several Americans and has won the Championship Trophy five years in a row. UA have made it to the finals each year of their lifespan. They are known to be fierce competitors, aggressive baserunners and hard hitters.