The yearly World Children’s Baseball Fair (WCBF) for 2015 is set and the Danish Baseball Federation (DBaF) is invited to participate. wcbf_06
In December 2014, the DBaF received the invitation to attend this year WCBF event, with 5 children and 1 chaperon. The children and chaperon are chosen and are getting ready to travel on August 2nd for 10 days to Chiba where the event will take place.wcbf_06
Since the age of the children is between 10 and 11 years old, they were primarily selected from parents that somehow know the coach/chaperon that is traveling with them. The event will include an opening and closing ceremony. The camp days in between, the kids will enjoy morning baseball clinics with coaches from the International Baseball Federation (IBAF) and WCBF. In the afternoons, every country invited will make a presentation/show related to the culture to which they belong.
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The WCBF is a non-profit organization, established in 1989 by World Home Run Kings Sadaharu Oh and Hank Aaron along with Dr. Akiko Agishi, all Founders of the WCBF.
The goal of the World Children’s Baseball Fair is to promote and develop baseball and develop friendship and trust between children throughout the world.
This year, WCBF is inviting children from 16 countries/regions to share the experience of this event and then hopes they’ll share again with their friends and families back in their home countries.