Baseball is growing in Denmark

Since 2008 The Danish Baseball Federation has slowly grown year by year, with teams and clubs in both Jutland, Funen and Sealand. Are you looking to join a club, found a club or just interested in learning more? Read more below:

New Player?

You can find a club near you in most parts of Denmark. Follow the link to see the club nearest you

Start a new club

If you are looking to start a new club in your local area, we are very much interested in helping you get started. Follow this link to learn more

What is baseball?

Learn more about baseball and why it is a great sport to start playing.


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Hello and welcome During December 2021 we experienced a major error on our website. The error not only locked visitors from viewing the website, but also locked out Admin & Webmaster. As you can see, Læs mere…

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